The Contributionism Society will be relaunching in 2019!









I regret to inform you that until Thursday 4th July 2019, the Contributionism Society platform will be OFFLINE. Here's why...

I have always resisted conforming to society as it stands; getting a day job, a mortgage and being a slave to the system. It was the inspiration behind writing the book in the first place. But in trying to evade the chains and shackles, I have also suffered financially. And this is impacting my ability to thrive in our current society and have a family of my own. I need to get my financial house in order before I can give the Contributionism Society the attention it deserves.

I am building a business which will give me the freedom to pursue the Contributionism Society on a full time basis as of the USA's Independence Day on the 4th of July 2019 — I thought that was a very suitable date.

For those who have just purchased the book or if you have been interested in starting a Contributionism Society in your area, I will continue to offer you support on an individual basis. Send me an email at

If you wish to be notified when the Contributionism Society is about to be relaunched, enter your email address below.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused and I thank you for understanding the personal nature of this decision — God bless!